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WARP Web Access and Retrieval Portal Military abbreviations
WARP Web-based Access and Retrieval Portal Military abbreviations
WARP Waba Application Resource Package software abbreviations and acronyms
WARP Wargaming And Role Playing sports abbreviations
WARP Wins Above Replacement Player sports abbreviations
WARP Workshop For Art Research And Practice University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to warp

  • WRB - Robins Air Force Base
  • WIRAB - Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body (US)
  • WHRP - Women's History Reclamation Project
  • WHRV - Western Hills Retirement Village
  • WRAP - Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project
  • WRBF - Wild Rogue Balloon Festival
  • WREF - Western Riverside Environmental Fund
  • WRFA - William Rowley Family Association
  • WRFF - Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire
  • WRFP - Waste Reduction Framework Plan
  • WRIB - Women for Recreation, Information, & Business
  • WRIP - Watershed Recovery Inventory Project
  • WROP - Washington Rural Organizing Project
  • WRP - Water Resources Planning
  • WRPP - White River Powerline Project