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WAsP: Meaning Category
WAsP Short form of WAAAAP (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) Acronym
wasp: Meaning Category
wasp weighted average selling price business
WASP: Meaning Category
WASP Women Airforce Service Pilots Airforce
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Acronym
WASP Wide Angle Search for Planets Acronym
WASP White American Suburban Professional Community abbreviations
WASP White Anglo Saxon Protestant Community abbreviations
WASP War Air Service Program Military abbreviations
WASP Washington Area Switch Procurement Military abbreviations
WASP When Arthur's Sword Prevailed Military abbreviations
WASP Women Air Service Pilots Military abbreviations
WASP We Are Spectrum Programmers software abbreviations and acronyms
WASP Web Agent Support Program software abbreviations and acronyms
WASP Wildfire Adaptive Signal Processing software abbreviations and acronyms
WASP Worcestershire All Sports Partnership sports abbreviations
WASP World Aquanaut Security Patrol sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wasp

  • WAGP - West African Gas Pipeline
  • WCBO - World Chess Boxing Organisation
  • WCBP - World Center for Birds of Prey
  • WKYP - Will Keep You Posted
  • WYSIWYP - What You See Is What You Print / What You See Is What You Pay ("wizzy-whip")
  • WHSIP - Wellhead Shut-In Pressure
  • WQCB - Water Quality Control Board
  • WSP - Well Seismic Profile
  • WSSOF - WSS Offset Profile
  • WSSVP - WSS VSP Raw Shots
  • WGB - Bahawalnagar Airport
  • WJF - General William J. Fox Airfield
  • WGP - Mau Hau Airport (former ICAO: WRRW)
  • WXF - MDPGA Wethersfield
  • WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
  • WUSB - Wireless Universal Serial Bus
  • WSPP - Western Systems Power Pool (US)
  • WCB - Wrought Carbon grade B
  • WESP - Wet Electro- Static Precipitator