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WC Water Closet||Winston Churchill||World Cup (sports) Acronym
WC Watercut / Wildcat well oil&gas
WC (celestial object) Carbon-rich Wolf-Rayet, a Wolf-Rayet star with strong carbon spectral line emission astronomy
WC Working capital business
WC Water Cosolvent Chemistry abbreviations
WC Wall Calendar Community abbreviations
WC Westfield Community Community abbreviations
WC Water Closet Educational abbreviations
WC Word Comprehension Educational abbreviations
WC Waldwick Crossover Electronics abbreviations
WC Wire Connector Electronics abbreviations
WC Write Combining computing abbreviations and acronyms
WC Wax Cylinder media abbreviations and acronyms
WC Weird Comics media abbreviations and acronyms
WC Word Count media abbreviations and acronyms
WC Weapon Class Military abbreviations
WC Weapons Carrier Military abbreviations
WC Wind Current Military abbreviations
WC Wing Commander Military abbreviations
WC Won't Commit Military abbreviations
WC WildCare Non-Profit Organizations
WC World Concern Non-Profit Organizations
WC Wrapper Compiler software abbreviations and acronyms
WC Wild Card sports abbreviations
WC Wild Cat sports abbreviations
WC Will Call sports abbreviations
WC Wing Chun sports abbreviations
WC World Champion sports abbreviations
WC World Class sports abbreviations
WC World Cup sports abbreviations
WC West Commons University abbreviations
WC Wiecking Center University abbreviations
WC Women's College University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wc

  • W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
  • WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System
  • WX - Weather
  • WIC - Women and infant children program
  • WAAC - Women's Auxiliary Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
  • WAC - Women's Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
  • WES - Wing Engineer Squadron (USMC)
  • WHSA - Weapons Head Support Assembly
  • WAG - Wild-Ass Guess
  • WG - Wing
  • WSO - Weapon Systems Officer
  • WCS - Workcenter Supervisor
  • WACA - West African Court of Appeal
  • WAEC - West African Examinations Council
  • WASSCE - West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
  • WASU - West African Students' Union