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WCF Windows Communication Foundation computing
WCF Warren County Fair Community abbreviations
WCF Workforce Central Florida Community abbreviations
WCF World Chambers Federation Community abbreviations
WCF World Congress of Families Community abbreviations
WCF World Cultural Foundations Community abbreviations
WCF Winchester Center Fire Military abbreviations
WCF Women and Children First UK Non-Profit Organizations
WCF World Children's Fund Non-Profit Organizations
WCF World Cocoa Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
WCF World Creatures Fight sports abbreviations
WCF World Croquet Federation sports abbreviations
WCF World Curling Federation sports abbreviations
WCF Wrestling Championship Federation sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wcf

  • WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots
  • WAGP - West African Gas Pipeline
  • WCBO - World Chess Boxing Organisation
  • WCBP - World Center for Birds of Prey
  • WKYP - Will Keep You Posted
  • WYSIWYP - What You See Is What You Print / What You See Is What You Pay ("wizzy-whip")
  • WHSIP - Wellhead Shut-In Pressure
  • WQCB - Water Quality Control Board
  • WSP - Well Seismic Profile
  • WSSOF - WSS Offset Profile
  • WSSVP - WSS VSP Raw Shots
  • WGB - Bahawalnagar Airport
  • WJF - General William J. Fox Airfield
  • WGP - Mau Hau Airport (former ICAO: WRRW)
  • WXF - MDPGA Wethersfield