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WDF Watershed Defense Fund Non-Profit Organizations
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Abbreviations similar to wdf

  • WTF - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, usually an interrogative phrase, but may also be used in a declarative manner
  • WTB - Wales Tourism Board||Warenterminbörse Hannover
  • WTFH - What The Fucking Hell
  • WTP - Willingness to pay
  • WDHF - Water Displacing Hard Film
  • WTUV - Weight outside UVRANGE
  • WAE4-HYDP - Wisconsin Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals
  • WDFY - Washington Drug Free Youth
  • WDHP - West Dorset Housing Partnership
  • WDHPA - West Dorset Holiday Park Association
  • WDOP - Water Distribution Optimization Project
  • WDPP - Water Development Partners Panel
  • WDVF - Westminster Domestic Violence Forum
  • WDVP - Wingspan Domestic Violence Project
  • WEDB - Wage Earner Development Bond
  • WEDP - Williams Extended Day Program
  • WIDP - Windward Island Diversification Program