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WFFM: MeaningCategory
WFFMWorcester (Massachusetts) Fire Fighters MemorialCommunity abbreviations
WFFMWesterville Fire Fighters' MemorialNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to wffm

  • WAPIMA- What a pain in my ass
  • WABAN- Well Abandonment Report
  • WBM- Water-Based drilling Mud
  • WVN- JadeWeser Airport
  • WBEM- Web-Based Enterprise Management
  • WPAN- Wireless Personal Area Network
  • WFNA- White Fuming Nitric Acid
  • WVM- Water Vapor Monitor
  • WBAN- Women Business Advisors Network
  • WBNA- West Broadway Neighborhood Association
  • WBNM- Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • WFNH- Women's Fund of New Hampshire
  • WHFN- Wisconsin Fair Housing Network
  • WHPN- WellHead Protection Network
  • WIBN- Women In Business Network
  • WIFM- Women In Facilities Management
  • WIFN- Walpole Island First Nation
  • WOBN- Women Of Boeing Network
  • WOPN- World Of Pinot Noir