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WFGT: MeaningCategory
WFGTWhere Friends Get TogetherCommunity abbreviations
WFGTWorld Federation of Great TowersCommunity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wfgt

  • WPCD- Water Pollution Control Division
  • WYFSTC- Weymouth Youth and Family Services Teen Center
  • WBST- Wonderlic Basic Skills Test
  • WPCT- Washington Pre-College Test
  • WVSD- West Valley School District
  • WVGT- Wave Group Tube
  • WPGD- White Printable, Gold Dye Layer inkjet printer ink
  • WPGD-100SP- White Printable, Gold Dye Layer inkjet printer ink, Two Spindles of 100
  • WBGTI- Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index
  • WFKT- World Federation of Knife Throwers
  • WPGT- Women's Professional Golf Tour
  • WPST- Winter Park Snowboard Team
  • WVCD- Wallkill Valley Country Dance
  • WPSD- Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf