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WIN T|| Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Acronym
WIN Water Insoluble Nitrogen Chemistry abbreviations
WIN What Interpreters Need Community abbreviations
WIN What's Important Now Community abbreviations
WIN Women In Need Community abbreviations
WIN Women Involved Now Community abbreviations
WIN Women's Information Network Community abbreviations
WIN Women's International Net Community abbreviations
WIN Writing Improvement Network Educational abbreviations
WIN Wisconsin Interstate Network media abbreviations and acronyms
WIN Writing In Narrative media abbreviations and acronyms
WIN Warfighter Information Network Military abbreviations
WIN Wireless Intelligence Network Military abbreviations
WIN WWMCCS Inter-computer Network Military abbreviations
WIN Microsoft Windows software abbreviations and acronyms
WIN Women In Net sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to win

  • WMA - Windows Media Audio
  • WMI - WXR indicator mount
  • WAM - Wide Area Mines (US)
  • WAMI - Wide Area Motion Imagery (US)
  • WM - Woman/Women Marine(s)
  • WAN - Wide area network
  • WEM - West Edmonton Mall
  • WHAM - Wisconsin Hydrogen-Alpha Mapping (telescope)
  • WIYN - Wisconsin Indiana Yale NOAO telescope consortium
  • WMO - World Meteorological Organization
  • WNA - World Nuclear Association
  • WNW - West North-West
  • WOM - Write Only Memory
  • WHM - Wellhead Maintenance