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WMD: Meaning Category
WMD Weapons of mass destruction healthcare
WMD Weapon of mass destruction healthcare
WMD Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction military
WMD Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction||World Movement for Democracy † Acronym
WMD Worst Media Deception media abbreviations and acronyms
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction Military abbreviations
WMD World Military Domination Military abbreviations
WMD Windows Media Download software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to wmd

  • WNIT - Women's National Invitation Tournament
  • WAMT - Women And Manual Trades
  • WAND - West Athurlie, Neilston, and Dunterlie
  • WMOD - Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion
  • WMT - West Michigan Travel
  • WMTA - West Michigan Tourist Association
  • WMTI - West Michigan Travel Institute
  • WMWD - Western Municipal Water District
  • WNDD - Western Nevada Development District
  • WNID - Wichita North Industrial District
  • WNOD - Woodland Normanstone Overlay District
  • WNT - West Norriton Township
  • WUW-NET - Willamette Urban Watershed Network
  • WANT - Westmoreland Assists Native Talent
  • WEMT - Wilderness Emergency Medical Training
  • WNET - Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training
  • WWND - Wire Wound