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WOT: Meaning Category
WOT Waste Of Time Acronym
WOT Wang-an Airport [Wang-an, Penghu (Pescadores), Republic of China] IATA Airport Code
WOT Weak Operator Topology Chemistry abbreviations
WOT What's Online for Teddington Community abbreviations
WOT Wheel Of Time Community abbreviations
WOT Wheel Of Transformation Community abbreviations
WOT Web Of Trust media abbreviations and acronyms
WOT War On Terror Military abbreviations
WOT Web Opc Tool software abbreviations and acronyms
WOT Wide Open Throttle sports abbreviations
WOT Women On Tightropes sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wot

  • WD - Wind direction
  • WTD - Watertight Door
  • WTH - Water Tight Hatch
  • WAD - Weapons Alert Designator
  • WTO - World Trade Organization
  • WIT - Water Investigation Tool
  • wt - wall thickness
  • WTI - West Texas Intermediate benchmark crude
  • WUT - Water Up To
  • WWD - Cape May Airport
  • WHD - Hyder Seaplane Base (FAA: 4Z7)
  • WWT - Newtok Airport (FAA: EWU)
  • WTA - Tambohorano Airport
  • WDA - Wadi Ain Airport
  • WAT - Waterford Airport