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w.r.t: Meaning Category
w.r.t With Respect To business
WRT: Meaning Category
WRT WXR receiver transmitter avionics
WRT With Regard To Airforce
WRT Writer Response Theory Acronym
WRT "With respect to", especially in fields such as Mathematics. Acronym
WRT World Rally Team Acronym
WRT Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC (Urban Planning and Design) Acronym
WRT Wireless Ronin Technologies (digital signage) Acronym
WRT NHS Workforce Review Team Acronym
WRT The Linksys routers whose model name start with 'WRT' Acronym
WRT Wholesale, Trade, Retail sector, category in employment and economics statistics Acronym
WRT Wireless Receiver/Transmitter ( computer networks/IT ) Acronym
WRT Third party firmware for the Linksys WRT routers and compatible models from other vendors. Acronym
WRT Web Runtime (WRT) is a portable application framework developed by Nokia that allows the creation of widgets on the S60 Platform. Acronym
WRT American Woman Road & Travel media abbreviations and acronyms
WRT Wildlife Rehabilitation Today media abbreviations and acronyms
WRT Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune media abbreviations and acronyms
WRT Welfare Research Team University abbreviations
WRT Writing and Rhetoric classes University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wrt

  • WRATH - Wellington Residents Against Toxic Hazards
  • WRD - Water Resources Department
  • WRDD - Water Resources Development Department
  • WRHD - White Rock Heritage District
  • WRUD - Water Resources Utilization Department
  • WRWD - Warranwood, Victoria, Australia
  • WRWT - Walk away, Relax, Write, Talk to somebody
  • WWRD - West Windsor Recreation Department
  • WRAT - Wide Range Achievement Test
  • WRED - Wrong Reading Emulsion Down
  • WRDO - Water Resources Development in Oregon
  • WRTH - World Radio TeleVision Handbook
  • WRAD - Wave Riders Against Drugs
  • WARD - We All Real Demons
  • WRDA - Welsh Racing Drivers Association
  • WWRT - Western Washington Ring Trainers