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WSSamoa (ISO 3166 and FIPS 10-4 country code digram; from the country's former name of Western Samoa)Acronym
WSWriter to the Signet (a Scottish solicitor)Acronym
WSWilliams syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
WSWash SolutionChemistry abbreviations
WSWest SideCommunity abbreviations
WSWeak Scriptcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
WSWorkstationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
WSWine Spectatormedia abbreviations and acronyms
WSWeapon SystemMilitary abbreviations
WSWord SendMilitary abbreviations
WSThe Wildlife SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
WSWilderness SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
WSWindows Socketssoftware abbreviations and acronyms
WSWater Sportssports abbreviations
WSWorld Seriessports abbreviations
WSWinter SessionUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ws

  • W3C- World Wide Web Consortium
  • WAAS- Wide Area Augmentation System
  • WX- Weather
  • WIC- Women and infant children program
  • WAAC- Women's Auxiliary Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
  • WAC- Women's Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
  • WES- Wing Engineer Squadron (USMC)
  • WHSA- Weapons Head Support Assembly
  • WAG- Wild-Ass Guess
  • WG- Wing
  • WSO- Weapon Systems Officer
  • WCS- Workcenter Supervisor
  • WACA- West African Court of Appeal
  • WAEC- West African Examinations Council
  • WASSCE- West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
  • WASU- West African Students' Union