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WSD: Meaning Category
WSD Condron Army Airfield [White Sands, New Mexico, United States] IATA Airport Code
WSD Weathersfield School District Community abbreviations
WSD Wenatchee School District Community abbreviations
WSD Westminster School District Community abbreviations
WSD Wisconsin School for the Deaf Educational abbreviations
WSD Windows Serial Downloader computing abbreviations and acronyms
WSD Word Sense Disambiguation computing abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to wsd

  • WASAD - Wide Angle Surveillance and Automatic Detection Device
  • WST - Water Soluble Tetrazolium (assay)
  • WWJD - "What would Jesus do?"
  • WSHT - Well Shoot
  • WSSD - World Summit on Sustainable Development
  • Wkt - Wicket
  • WACT - Wisconsin Association of Community Theatres
  • WASTE - We Are Standing Tall Everywhere
  • WCAD - Winning Community Advantage Distributors
  • WCCD - West Central Center for the Deaf
  • WCWT - Washington Citizens for World Trade
  • WGD - Weapons of Grass Distruction
  • WGDA - West Gonja District Assembly
  • WGOT - Williams Grove Old Timers
  • WICD - Women in Community Development