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WTA: Meaning Category
WTA Tambohorano Airport [Tambohorano, Madagascar] IATA Airport Code
WTA Women's Tennis Association sports
WTA Wisconsin Towns Association Community abbreviations
WTA Washington Tour on Advocacy Non-Profit Organizations
WTA Wildlife Trust Alliance Non-Profit Organizations
WTA World Transhumanist Association Non-Profit Organizations
WTA Washington Trails Association sports abbreviations
WTA Winner Takes All sports abbreviations
WTA World Taekwondo Alliance sports abbreviations
WTA World Twirling Association sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wta

  • WD - Wind direction
  • WTD - Watertight Door
  • WTH - Water Tight Hatch
  • WAD - Weapons Alert Designator
  • WOT - Waste Of Time
  • WTO - World Trade Organization
  • WIT - Water Investigation Tool
  • wt - wall thickness
  • WTI - West Texas Intermediate benchmark crude
  • WUT - Water Up To
  • WWD - Cape May Airport
  • WHD - Hyder Seaplane Base (FAA: 4Z7)
  • WWT - Newtok Airport (FAA: EWU)
  • WDA - Wadi Ain Airport
  • WAT - Waterford Airport