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WTC: Meaning Category
WTC World Trade Center Acronym
WTC West Terrace Cemetery Community abbreviations
WTC White Trash Camping Community abbreviations
WTC Wafer Transfer Chamber Electronics abbreviations
WTC Chief Water Tender Military abbreviations
WTC Watch Them Crumble Military abbreviations
WTC Web Tools Collection software abbreviations and acronyms
WTC Weblogic Tuxedo Connector software abbreviations and acronyms
WTC Wear The Cheese (Green Bay Packers) sports abbreviations
WTC Weekly Trivia Champion sports abbreviations
WTC White Tank Campground sports abbreviations
WTC World Taekwondo Council sports abbreviations
WTC Wanganui Technical College University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wtc

  • WTS - Wing Transportation Squadron (USMC)
  • WADS - Western Air Defense Sector
  • WDC - Workers' Defence Committee
  • WITS - Well Site Information Transfer System
  • WDG - Enid Woodring Regional Airport
  • WTK - Noatak Airport
  • WDS - (catalog) Washington Double Star, a catalog of double stars
  • WTTS - (celestial object) Weak-Line T-Tauri Star, a type of young star with weak spectral line emission
  • WWDC - Apple World Wide Developer Conference
  • WTG - Wind turbine generator (wind)
  • WUDC - Wall pack Up Down Cutoff
  • WADC - Washington Arbor Day Council
  • WATCH - Waltham Alliance To Create Housing
  • WATS - Wausau Area Transit System
  • WDSA - Water Distribution Systems Analysis
  • WETC - Women's Employment and Training Coalition