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WVCA West View Community Association Community abbreviations
WVCA West Virginia Career Association Community abbreviations
WVCA West Virginia Commission on the Arts Community abbreviations
WVCA Westside Village Civic Association Community abbreviations
WVCA West Virginia Conservation Agency Non-Profit Organizations
WVCA Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association sports abbreviations
WVCA West Virginia College Counseling Association University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to wvca

  • WBC - White blood count
  • WAPC - Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (Canada)
  • WAVES - Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (USN); obsolete
  • WAPS - Weighted Airman Promotion System
  • WEBS - Weapon Effectiveness Battle Simulation
  • WFC - Women's Forage Corps (World War
  • WFZ - Weapons Free Zone
  • WPK - Wider Peacekeeping
  • WVIAC - West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  • WVSC - Women's Volunteer Service Corps (World War
  • WFAC - Waveform Acoustic Log
  • WPC - Water Pollution Control
  • WPQ/S - Weld Procedure Qualification/Specification
  • WVS - Well Velocity Survey
  • WBQ - Beaver Airport
  • WBG - Fliegerhorst Schleswig
  • WFK - Northern Aroostook Regional Airport (FAA: FVE)
  • WFPC - (instrumentation) Wide Field and Planetary Camera, a camera formerly on the Hubble Space Telescope that was replaced with WFPC2