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WVTA: Meaning Category
WVTA Water Vapor Transmission Analyzer Chemistry abbreviations
WVTA West Virginia Telecommunications Association media abbreviations and acronyms
WVTA West Virginia Technology Association Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to wvta

  • WPT - Waypoint
  • WYPT - Waypoint
  • WFD - Weapon of Focused Destruction
  • WOFT - Waste Of Fucking Time
  • WVUIT - West Virginia University Institute of Technology (note, however, that the initialism is almost never used; the popular name of the school is "WVU Tech")
  • WEBT - (organization) Whole Earth Blazar Telescope, a network of observers across the Earth who work together to perform continuous observations of blazars
  • WPPD - Whole Powder Pattern Decomposition
  • WVDA - Water Vapor Diffusion Analysis
  • WVPD - Water Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • WVT - Water Vapor Transport
  • WVTI - Water Vapor Transport Index
  • WBD - WashBoard
  • WBHD - West Broadway Housing Development
  • WBOD - Waterfront Bluff Overlay District
  • WBTA - Wisconsin Business Travel Association
  • WFPD - Windsor Fire Protection District