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YULMontréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport[Dorval, Quebec, Canada]IATA Airport Code

Abbreviations similar to yul

  • yL- Yoctolitre
  • YOLO- You Only Live Once
  • YAL- Alert Bay Airport
  • YEL- Elliot Lake Municipal Airport
  • YLW- Kelowna International Airport
  • YLA- Langara Airport
  • YLH- Lansdowne House Airport
  • YLL- Lloydminster Airport
  • YYL- Lynn Lake Airport
  • YLO- Shilo Airport
  • YLE- Wha Ti Airport (TC: CEM3)
  • YWL- Williams Lake Airport
  • YLI- Ylivieska Airport
  • YOL- Yola Airport
  • YALA- Young Adults of Los Angeles (The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles)
  • YEAL- Youth Emergency Accomodation Line