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YUPYoung And Under PressureEducational abbreviations
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Abbreviations similar to yup

  • YAP- Young Aspiring Professional
  • Yb- Ytterbium
  • yF- Yoctofarad
  • Yippie- Youth International Party + suffix
  • YPA- Yards per Pass Attempt (football statistic)
  • YPO- Young Presidents' Organization
  • Yuppie- Young Urban Professional + suffix
  • yV- Yoctovolt
  • YP- Yield Point
  • YPB- Alberni Valley Regional Airport (TC: CBS8)
  • YAB- Arctic Bay Airport (TC: CJX7)
  • YIB- Atikokan Municipal Airport
  • YBF- Bamfield Water Aerodrome (TC: CAE9)
  • YBA- Banff Airport
  • YBW- Bedwell Harbour Airport
  • YBV- Berens River Airport
  • YBI- Black Tickle Airport (TC: CCE4)