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YZNYellow Zinc DichromateChemistry abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to yzn

  • YZM- Buchans Airport
  • YKN- Chan Gurney Municipal Airport
  • YCN- Cochrane Airport
  • YSM- Fort Smith Airport
  • YGM- Gimli Industrial Park Airport
  • YQM- Greater Moncton International Airport
  • YGN- Greenway Sound Airport
  • YQN- Nakina Airport
  • YJN- Saint-Jean Airport
  • YSN- Salmon Arm Airport
  • YCM- St. Catharines/Niagara District Airport
  • YXN- Whale Cove Airport
  • YKM- Yakima Air Terminal (McAllister Field)
  • YAGNI- You Aren't Going to Need It
  • YQM-94A- Boeing prototype high-altitude, long-range, remotely piloted vehicle