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ZAM: MeaningCategory
ZAMZamboanga International Airport[Zamboanga City, Philippines]IATA Airport Code
ZAMZENworks Asset Managementsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to zam

  • Zoomie- Nickname for an Air Force Academy graduate or cadet
  • ZANU- PF|| Zimbabwe African National Union||Patriotic Front
  • ZCM- ZENworks Configuration Management
  • zm- Zeptometre
  • zN- Zeptonewton
  • ZCN- Celle Air Base
  • ZUM- Churchill Falls Airport
  • ZEM- Eastmain River Airport
  • ZNU- Namu Airport
  • ZNA- Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport (TC: CAC8)
  • ZNE- Newman Airport
  • ZGM- Ngoma Airport
  • ZQN- Queenstown Airport
  • ZKM- Sette Cama Airport
  • ZHM- Shamshernagar Airport
  • ZMH- South Cariboo Regional Airport