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ZCPZoning Compliance PermitCommunity abbreviations
ZCPZigBee Compliant Platformsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to zcp

  • ZAF- South Africa (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • zF- Zeptofarad
  • ZIF- Zero Insertion Force (The device on a)
  • ZIP- Zoning Improvement Plan code
  • zV- Zeptovolt
  • ZBF- Bathurst Airport
  • ZBO- Bowen Airport
  • ZBE- Dolní Benesov Airport
  • ZFW- Fairview Airport (TC: CEB5)
  • ZFA- Faro Airport
  • ZGF- Grand Forks Airport
  • ZHP- High Prairie Airport
  • ZKB- Kasaba Bay Airport
  • ZVA- Miandrivazo Airport
  • ZOF- Ocean Falls Airport
  • ZFB- Old Fort Bay Airport
  • ZPO- Pinehouse Lake Airport
  • ZPB- Sachigo Lake Airport