705 abbreviations
CERACambridge Energy Research Associates
CERCLAComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act "Superfund" (US)
CERCLISComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (US)
CERTSConsortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions sposored by the United States Department of Energy and California Energy Commission (US)
CfDContract for difference
CFLcompact fluorescent light
CFScubic feet per second
CFTCCommodity Futures Trading Commission
CHPCombined heat and power
CIACContributions in Aid of Construction
CIPCritical Infrastructure Protection (US)
CIPsee also EPCIP European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
CMVECompetitive Market Value Estimate
CNGCompressed natural gas
COCarbon monoxide
CO2Carbon dioxide
COCCost of capital
COEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
COPcoefficient of performance
CPCoincident Peak
CPCertificate Proceeding
CPACalifornia Power Authority
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPPCritical Peak Pricing
CPP-FCritical peak fixed
CPP-FCritical peak variable
CPSControl Performance Standard
CPSCycles per second (hertz)
CPUCCalifornia Public Utilities Commission
CREFCaribbean Renewable Energy Facility
CRIcolor rendering index
CRPConservation Reserve Program (US)
CRTCapacity Reservation Tariff
CSDCommission for Sustainable Development (UN)
CSEMCenter for the Study of Energy Markets (US)
CSPCountry Strategy Paper
CSPCurtailment service provider
CTCombustion turbine (electricity)
CZMACoastal Zone Management Act
DADRPDay Ahead Demand Response Program
DANIDADanish International Development Agency
DA-RTPRTP Day ahead real time pricing (regarding Electricity metering)
DCDirect current
DCLMDirect control load management
DCSDisturbance Control Standard
DEFGDistributed Energy Financial Group (US)
DEISDraft Environmental Impact Statement (US)
DFDistribution Factor
DGDistributed generation (electricity)