705 abbreviations
DGDirectorate-General (EU) (government)
DIISDanish Institute for International Studies (organization)
DLCDirect load control (regarding Load management)
DMEDisturbance Monitoring Equipment
DODissolved oxygen
DOEUnited States Department of Energy (government)
DOE/FEUnited States Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy (government)
DOIUnited States Department of the Interior (government)
DOTUnited States Department of Transportation (government)
DRDemand response
DRAMDemand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition
DRBDemonstrated reserve base
DRCCDemand Response Coordinating Council (coalition)
DRRDemand Response resources
DRRCDemand Response Research Center (California)
DSMDemand side management
DSODistribution system operator (regarding electricity distribution
DthDekatherm (defined as 1 million British thermal units, also written "MMBtu") (measurement)
DTWdealer tank wagon (as in, "oil companies setting regional dealer tank wagon pricing") (Oil)
E&DExploration and development expenses
E85E85 fuel: A fuel containing a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline
E95like E85 fuel but with less gasoline. A fuel containing a mixture of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent gasoline
EAEnvironmental assessment as in an Environmental impact assessment
EAREstimated additional resources, as in Considering reserves of uranium deposits
ECAREast Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement (US)
ECPAElectric Consumers Protection Act (US)
EdFElectricité de France
EDRPEmergency demand response program
EEEnergy efficiency
EEIEdison Electric Institute
EEMEnergy Efficient Mortgage
EERenergy efficiency ratio
EFenergy factor (clothes washers)
EHVExtra high voltage
EIAEnergy Information Administration (US)
EIAEnvironmental impact assessment (international)
EIBEuropean Investment Bank
EIMEnergy Improvement Mortgage
EIPPEastern Interconnection Phasor Project
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement (US)
ELCONElectricity Consumers Resources Council
EMFElectro magnetic field
EMPEnvironmental Management Plan
EOREnhanced oil recovery
EPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
EPActEnergy Policy Act of 1992 (US)
EPActEnergy Policy Act of 2005 (US)
EPCIPEuropean Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
EPRIElectric Power Research Institute (US)
EQRElectric Quarterly Report