705 abbreviations
ERAEconomic Regulatory Administration (part of United States Department of Energy
ERCOTElectric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc, a Regional Transmission Organization. (US)
ERGEGEuropean Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas
EROElectric Reliability Organization. The US designated NERC as its ERO.
ERRAEnergy Regulators Regional Association
ERVenergy-recovery ventilator
ESCOEnergy service company
ESIEnvironmental Sustainability Index
ESMAPEnergy Sector Management Assistance Programme
ESPElectrostatic precipitator
ESSEnergy Storage System, as in grid energy storage (electricity)
ETBEethyl tertiary butyl ether
ETSOEuropean Transmission System Operators association
EUEFEuropean Union Energy Facility
EUEIEuropean Union Energy Initiative
FACFuel Adjustment Clause
FASBFinancial Accounting Standards Board
FBRfast breeder reactor
FCITCFirst Contingency Incremental Transfer Capability
FEISFinal Environmental impact statement (US)
FELCCFirm Energy Load Carrying Capability
FERCFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (U.S.)
FGDFlue-gas desulfurization
FINESSEFinancing Energy Services for Small Scale Users
FishwayFish ladder
FLPMAFederal Land Policy and Management Act (US)
FMEFree market economics
FONSIFinding of no significant impact. See Environmental impact statement (US)
FPAFederal Power Act (US)
FPCFederal Power Commission (US)
FPSFirm peaking service. See Peaking power plant
FRCCFlorida Reliability Coordinating Council (US)
FRSFinancial Reporting System
FTFirm Transportation Service
FTCFederal Trade Commission (US)
FTRFirm Transmission Rights
FTSFirm transportation service
FUAThe Fuel Use Act (US)
FUCOForeign Utility Company
FWPAFederal Water Power Act (US)
G&TGeneration and transmission utility cooperative (electricity)
GALgallon (measurement)
GAOGovernment Accountability Office (General Accounting Office) (US) (government)
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (government)
GDPgross domestic product (economics)
GEFGlobal Environmental Facility (environment)
GencoAny company doing electricity generation (US) (electricity)
GFSEGlobal Forum on Sustainable Energy (organization)
GHCGross Inland (energy) Consumption (EU) (energy)
GHGGreenhouse gas (climate)