705 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
GIC Gas Inventory Charge (natural gas)
GISB Gas Industry Standards Board (now NAESB) (US) (natural gas)
GLDF Generator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
Gm3 Billion cubic metres (measurement – gas)
GMO Genetically modified organism
GMP Green Mountain Power (US) (electricity)
GNP gross national product (economics)
GNSED Global Network for Sustainable Energy Development
GRI Gas Research Institute (US) (natural gas)
GridCo Any company running a transmission grid (electricity). Also known as a TransCo (US) (electricity)
GSF Generator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
GSR Gas Supply Realignment (natural gas)
Gt Gigaton (1 billion tons) (measurement)
GTCC Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (electricity)
GTI Gas Technology Institute (US)
Gtoe One billion tons of oil equivalent(EU) (measurement- oil)
GVEP Global Village Energy Partnership (organization)
GVW gross vehicle weight (transportation)
GW Gigawatt (one billion watts) (measurement- elect)
GWE Gigawatt of electric energy (measurement- elect)
Gwh Gigawatt hour (one billion watt hours) (measurement- elect)
GWP global warming potential (climate)
HCA Host Control Area (electricity)
HDD heating degree day
HDD Heating degree days a qualitative index used to reflect the demand for energy to heat a business (conservation)
HERS Home energy rating standard (conservation)
HHI home heating index
HHI Hirschman Herfindahl Index (markets)
HID high intensity discharge (electricity)
HID high-intensity discharge
hp Horsepower (measurement)
HRV heat-recovery ventilator
HSPF heating seasonal performance factor
HTGR high temperature gas cooled reactor (nuclear)
HVAC Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (conservation)
HVAC High voltage alternating current (electricity)
HVAR Highly Valued Aquatic Resource
HVI Home Ventilating Institute
I/C Interruptible /Curtailable (electricity)
ICAP Installed Capacity (electricity)
ICAP-SCR Installed capacity special case resources (electricity)
ICE Internal combustion engine (transportation)
ICT Independent Coordinator of Transmission (US) (electricity)
IDC Interchange Distribution Calculator (electricity)
IEA International Energy Agency (Paris)
IECC International Energy Conservation Code
IEM Internal electricity market (electricity)
IEPE Institute of Energy Policy and Economics (France)
IER Incremental Energy Rate
IET International emission trading (policy)