705 abbreviations
GICGas Inventory Charge (natural gas)
GISBGas Industry Standards Board (now NAESB) (US) (natural gas)
GLDFGenerator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
Gm3Billion cubic metres (measurement – gas)
GMOGenetically modified organism
GMPGreen Mountain Power (US) (electricity)
GNPgross national product (economics)
GNSEDGlobal Network for Sustainable Energy Development
GRIGas Research Institute (US) (natural gas)
GridCoAny company running a transmission grid (electricity). Also known as a TransCo (US) (electricity)
GSFGenerator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
GSRGas Supply Realignment (natural gas)
GtGigaton (1 billion tons) (measurement)
GTCCGas Turbine Combined Cycle (electricity)
GTIGas Technology Institute (US)
GtoeOne billion tons of oil equivalent(EU) (measurement- oil)
GVEPGlobal Village Energy Partnership (organization)
GVWgross vehicle weight (transportation)
GWGigawatt (one billion watts) (measurement- elect)
GWEGigawatt of electric energy (measurement- elect)
GwhGigawatt hour (one billion watt hours) (measurement- elect)
GWPglobal warming potential (climate)
HCAHost Control Area (electricity)
HDDheating degree day
HDDHeating degree days a qualitative index used to reflect the demand for energy to heat a business (conservation)
HERSHome energy rating standard (conservation)
HHIhome heating index
HHIHirschman Herfindahl Index (markets)
HIDhigh intensity discharge (electricity)
HIDhigh-intensity discharge
hpHorsepower (measurement)
HRVheat-recovery ventilator
HSPFheating seasonal performance factor
HTGRhigh temperature gas cooled reactor (nuclear)
HVACHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning (conservation)
HVACHigh voltage alternating current (electricity)
HVARHighly Valued Aquatic Resource
HVIHome Ventilating Institute
I/CInterruptible /Curtailable (electricity)
ICAPInstalled Capacity (electricity)
ICAP-SCRInstalled capacity special case resources (electricity)
ICEInternal combustion engine (transportation)
ICTIndependent Coordinator of Transmission (US) (electricity)
IDCInterchange Distribution Calculator (electricity)
IEAInternational Energy Agency (Paris)
IECCInternational Energy Conservation Code
IEMInternal electricity market (electricity)
IEPEInstitute of Energy Policy and Economics (France)
IERIncremental Energy Rate
IETInternational emission trading (policy)