705 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
LRG liquefied refinery gases
LSE Load serving entity
LSF Load Shift Factor
lsfo Low sulfur fuel oil
LWR light water reactor
MAAC Mid Atlantic Area Council (US- geographically within PJM)
MADRI Mid Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (US)
MAIN Mid America Interconnected Network (US)
MAOP Maximum allowable operating pressure
MAPP Mid Continent Area Power Pool (US)
MBD million barrels per day
MBOED One million barrels of oil equivalent(EU)
MBR Market based Rates
MBS Macro economic Budget Support
Mcf Roman numeral "M" for one thousand cubic feet (measurement of natural gas)
MDD Maximum Daily Delivery Obligations
MDDQ Maximum Daily Delivery Quantity
MDM Meter Data Management
MDQ Maximum Daily Quantities
MECS Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey
MEDREP Mediterranean Renewables Energy Partnership
MEF modified energy factor (clothes washers)
MER Maximum efficient rate
MERC Mobile Emission Reduction Credit (MERC) (US)
MFV Modified fixed variable rate
MINHERS Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards
MISO Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. A Regional Transmission Organization. (US)
MLP Maximum lawful price
MLRA Major Land Resource Areas
MM Used to denote million in gas usage
MMbbl/d one million barrels of oil per day
MMBtu 1 million British thermal units, same as dekatherm
MMC Market Monitoring Center
MMCF one million cubic feet (measurement of natural gas)
MMCFD one million cubic feet per day
MMGAL one million gallons
MMGAL/D one million gallons per day
MMS Mineral Management Service (US)
MMST one million short tons
MODFLOW model of groundwater flow
MOX mixed oxide fuel (nuclear)
MPG Miles per gallon
MRO Midwest Reliability Organization (US)
MSA metropolitan statistical area
MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration (US)
msl Mean sea level
MSW Municipal solid waste
Mt one million tons (ambiguous as to whether short tons or metric tons)
MTBE methyl tertiary butyl ether
MTEF Medium Term Expenditure Framework