583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
PNDC Provisional National Defence Council
PNDCL Provisional National Defence Council Law
PNP People's National Party
POGR President's Own Guard Regiment
POYA Popular Youth Association
PP Progress Party
PPAG Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana
PPB Public Procurement Board
PPC Petroleum Promotion Council
PPDD Popular Party for Democracy and Development
PPF People's Popular Front
PPP People's Popular Party
PRELOG People's Revolutionary League of Ghana
PRLG People's Revolutionary League of Ghana
PRP People's Revolutionary Party
PSC Police Service Commission
PSG Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana
PSI Presidential's Special Initiatives
PSWU Public Services Workers' Union
PTA Parent-Teacher Association
PTWU Post and Telecommunications Workers' Union
PUC Pentecost University College
PUC Presbyterian University College
PURC Public Utilities Regulatory Commission
PWDs People with disabilities
PYG Patriotic Youth of Ghana
RAC Royal African Company
RACCLI Royal African Colonial Corps of Light Infantry
RAF Regional Office for Africa
RAO Research and Advocacy Organizations
RC Regional Commissioner
RDC Regional Development Corporation
ROCAS Royal Care and Support
ROPAL Representation of the People's Amendment Law
RTU Real Tomale United
RWAFF Royal West African Frontier Force
SAEMA Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Assembly
SAG Senior Advocate of Ghana
SAL Structural Adjustment Loan
SAP Structural Adjustment Program
SCMB State Cocoa Marketing Board
SCOA Société Commerciale de l'Ouest Africain
SDF Social Democratic Front
SEC State Enterprises Commission
SFO Social Security and National Insurance Trust
SFO Serious Fraud Office
SGMC State Gold Mining Corporation
SIB Special Investigations Board
SMA Societas Missionum ad Afros
SMC State Mining Companies