583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
SMC Supreme Military Council
SMCD Supreme Military Council Decree
SME Small and Medium Enterprises
SOERP State-Owned Enterprise Reform Program
SONA Society of National Affairs
SPG Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
SPLiT Social Protection and Livelihood Technical Committee
SPP Special Public Prosecutor
SRC Students' Representative Council
SRID Statistics, Research and Information Directorate
STAFAMS State Farms Corporation
Supt. Superintendent
SWAG Sport Writers Association of Ghana
TAMASEC Tamale Secondary School
TB Trashy Bags
TBA Traditional birth attendant
TC Togoland Congress
TCC Technology Consultancy Center
TCOR Trusteeship Council Official Records
TCP Togoland Congress Party
TDC Tema Development Corporation
TEDB Timber Export Development Board
TEWU Teachers and Educational Workers' Union
TF Third Force
TMB Timber Marketing Board
TOR Tema Oil Refinery
TRC Truth and Reconciliation Commission
TSSP Trade Sector Support Programme
TTI Takoradi Technical Institute
TUC Trades Union Congress
TVET Technical and Vocational Education and Training
TVT Trans-Volta Togoland
UAC United Africa Company
UAF United Action Front
UDS University for Development Studies
UG University of Ghana
UGCC United Gold Coast Convention Party
UGFC United Ghana Farmers' Council
UGFCC United Ghana Farmers' Council of Cooperatives
UGM United Ghana Movement
UGMRC United Ghana Muslim Representative Council
UNC United National Congress
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
UNIA Universal Negro Improvement Association
UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
UNIGOV Union Government (Ghana)
UNP United Nationalist Party
UNTSO United Nations Truce Supervision Organization
UP United Party
UST University of Science and Technology