583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
UTAG University Teachers Association of Ghana
UUY Universal United Youth Organization
VAG Veterans Association of Ghana
VALCO Volta Aluminium Company
VBGC Veranda Boys and Girls Club
VBRP Volta Basin Research Project
VLRDP Volta Lake Research and Development Project
VORADEC Volta Regional Agricultural Development Corporation
VORADEP Volta Regional Agricultural Development Project
VRA Volta River Authority
VRCC Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council
VRP Volta River Project
VSD Veterinary Service Directorate
VVU Valley View University
WAAC West African Airways Corporation
WACA West African Court of Appeal
WAEC West African Examinations Council
WAFF West African Frontier Force
WAGP West African Gas Pipeline
WAMI West African Monetary Institute
WAMZ West African Monetary Zone
WANEP West African Network for Peace building
WANS West African National Secretariat
WASEC Wa Secondary School
WASSCE West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
WASU West African Students' Union
WAYL West African Youth League
WDC Workers' Defence Committee
WREDEC Western Regional Development Corporation
YAG Youth Association of Ghana
YEN Youth Employment Network
YPM Young Pioneer Movement
YSG Youth Study Group