583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
BNI Bureau of National Investigations
BoG Bank of Ghana
BSL Black Star Line
BSPS Business Sector Programme Support
C & S Cherubim and Seraphim Society
CA Constitutional Assembly
CA Consultative Assembly
CAP National Coalition Against the Privatization of Water
CAS Chief of the Air Staff
CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement
CCAF Coca Cola Africa Foundation
CCDEF Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
CCDF Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
CCE Center for Civic Education
CCG Christian Council of Ghana
CCLM Community Based Child Labour Monitoring
CDD-Ghana Center for Democratic Development, Ghana
CDR Committee for the Defence of the Revolution
CDS Chief of the Defence Staff
CECAF Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic
CEDEP Center for the Development of People
CEPS Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
CGMC Chamber of Ghanaian Mining Concessionaires
CHPS Community-Based Health Planning and Services
CHRAJ Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice
CICOL Civil Society Coalition on Land
CID Criminal Investment Department
CILT Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
CIP Community Initiated Project
CLGSA Civil and Local Government Staff Association
CMA Christian Mothers Association
CMB Cocoa Marketing Board
CME Council of Muslim Elders
CMS Church Missionary Society
CNC Central National Committee (Ghana)
CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
CO Colonial Office
COAS Chief of the Army Staff
COCOBOD Ghana Cocoa Board
COPAL Cocoa Producers' Alliance
COSG Cross of the Order of the Star of Ghana
COV Companion of the Order of the Volta
COYA Committee on Youth Associations
CPA Community Protection Assistants
CPA Cocoa Producers Alliance
CPC Cocoa Purchasing Company
CPP Convention People's Party
CPU Community Protection Units
CRIG Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
CSA Civil Servants Association