583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
CSIR Council (Center) for Scientific and Industrial Research
CSU Christian Service University College
CTO Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization
CTS (West African) Command Clerks Training School
CUCG Catholic University College of Ghana
CUT Committee of Togolese Unity
CVC Citizens' Vetting Committee
CWA Catholic Women's Association
CYO Catholic Youth Organization
CYO Committee on Youth Organization
DA District Assembly
DAG Democratic Alliance of Ghana
DAO District Administrative Officer
DAPIT Development and Application of Intermediate Technology Program
DC District Commissioner
DCE District Chief Executive
DEC District Executive Committee
DFI Department of Factories Inspectorate
DFID Department for International Development
DFP Democratic Freedom Party
DIC Divestiture Implementation Committee
DMC Diamond Marketing Corporation
DOC Department of Cooperatives
DOVVSU Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit
DPP Democratic People's Party
DS District Secretary
DSW Department of Social Welfare
DUA Democrat Union of Africa
DVC Diaspora Vote Committee
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
DWM 31st December Women's Movement
DWP Decent Work Programme
DYLG Democratic Youth League of Ghana
EAC Economic Advisory Committee
EC Electoral Commission
ECOMOG ECOWAS Monitoring Group
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECRAG Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana
EDP Entrepreneurship Development Program
EEC European Economic Community
EGLE Every Ghanaian Living Everywhere
EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
EPA Economic Partnership Agreements
EREDEC Eastern Regional Development Corporation
ERP Economic Recovery Program
ETLS ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FC Forestry Commission
FDB Food and Drugs Board
FDC Food Distribution Corporation