583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
FEAC Foreign Exchange Auction Committee
FGM Female Genital Mutilation
FOD Fraternal Order of Police
FOIB Freedom of Information Bill
FOREX Foreign Exchange Bureau
FORIG Forestry Research Institute of Ghana
FPD Front for the Prevention of Dictatorship
FPIB Forest Production Inspection Bureau
FRI Food Research Institute
FSD Forest Service Division
FWSC Fair Wages and Salaries Commission
FY Federation of Youth
FYO Federated Youth Organization
GAAS Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
GABA Ghana Amateur Boxing Association
GADL Ghana Association of Democratic Lawyers
GAF Ghana Armed Forces
GAFCSC Ghana Armed Forces Command & Staff College
GAINS Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
GAS Ghana Academy of Sciences
GAW Ghana Association of Writers
GAWU Ghana Agricultural Workers' Union
GAWW Ghanaian Association for Women's Welfare
GBA Ghana Bar Association
GBC Ghana Bauxite Company
GBC Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
GC Gold Coast
GC Grand Coalition
GCARPS Gold Coast Aborigines Rights Protection Society
GCC Gold Coast Constabulary
GCC Ghana Co-operative College
GCC Ghana Co-operative Council
GCD Ghana Consolidated Diamonds Ltd.
GCEU Gold Coast Ex-Servicemen's Union
GCFA Gold Coast Farmers' Association
GCHC Ghana Cargo Handling Company
GCMA Ghana Co-operative Marketing Association
GCP Ghana Congress Party
GCPP Great Consolidated Popular Party
GCSA Ghana Civil Servants Association
GCTUC Gold Coast Trades Union Congress
GCUC Garden City University College
GCUC Ghana Christian University College
GDM Ghana Democratic Movement
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDRP Ghana Democratic Republican Party
GEC Ghana Enterprises Commission
GEPC Ghana Export Promotion Council
GES Ghana Education Service
GET Ghana Educational Trust