583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
GFA Ghana Football Authority
GFA Ghana Football Association
GFDC Ghana Food Distribution Corporation
GFIC Ghana Film Industry Corporation
GHA Ghana Highway Authority
GHAPSO Ghana People's Solidarity Organization
GHS Ghana Health Service
GIA Ghana International Airlines
GIHOC Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation
GILLBT Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation
GIMPA Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
GJA Ghana Journalists Association
GJA Ghana Judo Association
GLSS Ghana Living Standards Survey
GMA Ghana Manufacturing Association
GMA Ghana Medical Association
GMA Ghana Military Academy
GMFJ Ghana Movement for Freedom and Justice
GMRC Ghana Muslim Representative Council
GNA Ghana National Archives
GNA Ghana News Agency
GNAT Ghana National Association of Teachers
GNCC Ghana National Chamber of Commerce
GNCC Ghana Nation Commission on Children
GNCC Ghana National Construction Corporation
GNFC Ghana National Farmers' Council
GNFS Ghana National Fire Service
GNMC Ghana National Manganese Corporation
GNPC Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
GNTC Ghana National Trading Corporation
GNYC Ghana National Youth Council
GOIL Ghana Oil Company
GOPDC Ghana Oil Palm Development Corporation
GP Ghana Post
GPHA Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
GPM Ghana Patriotic Movement
GPP Ghana Peoples' Party
GPPF Ghana Progressive Popular Front
GPRTU Ghana Private Road Transport Union
GPSC Ghana Peace and Solidarity Council
GPTCWU Ghana Petroleum, Transport and Chemical Workers Union
G-RAP Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme
GRC Ghana Railway Corporation
GREDA Ghana Real Estate Developers Association
GSB Ghana Standards Board
GSC Ghana Shippers Council
GSD Geological Survey Department
GSE Ghana Stock Exchange
GSHRDC Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre
GSL Ghana School of Law