583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
GSMC Ghana State Mining Corporation
GSPD Ghana Society of the Physical Disabled
GTB Ghana Tourist Board
GTLC Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition
GTMC Ghana Timber Marketing Board
GTMO Ghana Timber Miller Organization
GTP Ghana Textile Printing
GTPCWU General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers' Union
GTUC Ghana Telecom University College
GTV Ghana Television
GUNSA Ghana United Nations Students' Association
GUP Ghana University Press
GWCL Ghana Water Company Limited
GYP Ghana Young Pioneer movement
HIPC Heavily Indebted Poor Country
HRD Human Resource Development
HSWU Health Services Workers' Union
IAP Implementation Action Plan
IAS Institute of African Studies
IAS Independent African States
IASB International African Service Bureau
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICC Industrial Co-operative Corporation
ICCES Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills
ICCO International Cocoa Organisation
ICO International Coffee Organization
ICOUR Irrigation Company for the Upper Regions
ICT Information Communication Technology
ICVB International Cocoa Verification Board
ICWU Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union
IDA Irrigation Development Authority
IDC Industrial Development Corporation
IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
IGP Inspector-General of the Police
IMC Interim Management Committee
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMWG Inter-Ministerial Working Group
INCC Interim National Coordinating Committee
INEC Interim National Electoral Commission
INSTI Institute for Scientific Technological Information
IOM International Organization for Migration
IRI Industrial Research Institute
ISD Information Services Department
ISODEC Integrated Social Development Centre
ISP Institutional Strengthening Plan
ITOCA Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa
IUCG Islamic University College, Ghana
IVRDP Inland Valleys Rice Development Project
JAMB Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
JCC Joint Consultative Committee