583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
NAGRAT National Association of Graduate Teachers
NAL National Alliance of Liberals
NALCO National Association of Local Councils
NAO Native Administration Ordinance
NAPATS National Police Academy & Training Schools
NARAC National Agricultural Resources Allocation Committee
NASPA National Service Personnel Association
NASSO National Association of Socialist Students Organizations
NBSSI National Board for Small-Scale Industries
NBTPE National Board of Technical and Professional Examinations
NCBWA National Congress of British West Africa
NCC National Commission on Culture
NCCE National Commission for Civic Education
NCD National Commission on Democracy
NCGW National Council of Ghana Women
NCP National Convention Party
NCWD National Council for Women and Development
NDC National Defence Committee
NDC National Democratic Congress
NDF National Democratic Front
NDM National Democratic Movement
NDM New Democratic Movement
NDP National Democratic Party
NDPC National Development Planning Commission
NEB National Energy Board
NEC National Economic Commission
NEPAD New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development
NES National Employment Service
NGA New Generation Alliance
NGP New Ghana Party
NHC National House of Chiefs
NHC National Haji Committee
NHIS National Health Insurance Scheme
NIB National Investment Bank
NIC National Investigating Committee
NIP New Independence Party / National Independence Party
NLC National Labour Commission
NLC National Liberation Council
NLCD National Liberation Council Decree
NLM National Liberation Movement
NNP Nkrumah National Party
NP Nationalist Party
NPA National Plan of Action
NPECLC National Programme for the Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Cocoa
NPP New Patriotic Party
NPP Northern People's Party
NPTB National Petroleum Tender Board
NRC National Redemption Council
NRC National Reconciliation Commission
NRCD National Redemption Council Decree