583 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
NREG Natural Resource and Environmental Governance
NRP National Reform Party
NRSC National Road Safety Commission
NSC National Security Council
NSC National Service Corps
NSPS National Social Protection Strategy
NSS National Service Scheme
NT Northern Territories
NTC Northern Territories Council
NTTC National Teacher Training Council
NUGS National Union of Ghana Students
NUS National Union of Seamen
NVTI National Vocational and Technical Institute
NYA Northern Youth Association
NYC National Youth Council
NYEP National Youth Employment Program
OAC Organization for African Community
OATUU Organization of African Trade Union Unity
OAU Organization of African Unity
OCDR Organizing Committee for the Defence of the Revolution
OFY Operation Feed Yourself
OIC Opportunities Industrialization Centre - Ghana
OOV Officer of the Order of Volta
OPRI Oil Palm Research Institute
ORC Office of Revenue Commissioners
OTDC Overseas Trade Development Council
OVC orphans, vulnerable children
PAC Pan African Club
PAC Political Advisory Committee
PACU(C) Pan-African Christian University College
PAMSCAD Program of Action to Mitigate the Social Cost of Adjustment
PANAFEST Pan African Festival
PAP People's Action Party
PBC Pentecost Bible Centre
PBD Produce Buying Division (of Cocoa Marketing Board)
PCP People's Convention Party
PDA Preventive Detention Act
PDC People's Defence Committee
PDD Presidential Detail Department
PEA People's Educational Association
PEAs Private Employment Agencies
PEF Private Enterprice Foundation
PFP Popular Front Party
PHP People's Heritage Party
PIB Price and Incomes Board
PIP People's Independent Party
PLWHA Peoples Living With HIV/AIDS
PMFJ People's Movement for Freedom and Justice
PMMC Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation
PNC People's National Convention