435 abbreviations
ENTEar, nose and throat
EOBExplanation of benefits
EOCEpisode of care … also Emergency operations center... also Explanation of coverage
EOCEmergency operations center
EOMBExplanation of Medicare Benefits
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPI-XEpidemic information exchange (national list serve)
EPOExclusive Provider Organization
EPSDTEarly periodic screening diagnosis and treatment program
EREmergency room
ER/EDEmergency room/emergency department
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ESFEmergency support functions
ESF06Mass care emergency support function
ESF08Health and medical services support function
FACHEFellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives
FAQFrequently asked questions
FBSFasting blood sugar
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FECFreestanding emergency center
FEHBPFederal Employees Health Benefits Program
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FFSFee for service
FIFiscal intermediary
FMGForeign medical graduate
FPLFederal Poverty Level
FQHCFederally Qualified Health Center
FSAFlexible spending accounts
FSHFollicle-stimulating hormone
FTCFederal Trade Commission
FTEFull-time equivalent
GAFGeographic adjustment factor
GAO U.S.General Accountability Office
GB viz.Gall bladder visualization
GCGonococcal, gonorrhea
GHAAGroup Health Association of America
GMEGraduate medical education
GPGeneral practitioner
GPCIGeographic practice cost index
HANHealth Alert Network
HANYSHealthcare Association of New York State
HAWK-IHealthy and Well Kids in Iowa
HAZMATHazardous material
HCPCSHealthcare Common Procedure Coding System
HEDISHealth Plan Employer Data and Information Set
HEICSHospital emergency incident command system
HEPAHigh-efficiency particulate air
HERTHospital emergency response team