435 abbreviations
INAIowa Nurses Association
IOMInstitute of Medicine
IOMAIowa Osteopathic Medical Association
IONLIowa Organization of Nurse Leaders
IPAIndependent Practice Association
IPFInpatient psychiatric facility
IRBInstitutional review board
IRFInpatient rehabilitation facility
ISMPInstitute for Safe Medication Practices
ITCIowa Trauma Coordinators
IVPIntravenous pyelogram (urogram)
JICJoint information center
LAMALeft against medical advice
LCDLocal coverage determinations
LMSLearning management system
LOSLength of stay
LPCLicensed professional counselor
LPHALocal public health agency
LPNLicensed practical nurse
LPTLicensed physical therapist
LRNLaboratory Response Network
LSALegislative Service Agency
LTCLong-term care
LVNLicensed vocational nurse
MAMedicare Advantage
MACMedicare Administrative Contractor
MBMarket basket
MBIMarket basket index
MCOManaged care organization
MDDoctor of Medicine
MDAMuscular Dystrophy Association
MDCMajor diagnostic category
MDHMedicare Dependent Hospital
MDSMinimum data set
MEMedical examiner
MedPACMedicare Payment Advisory Commission
MEIMedical economic index
MFSMedicare fee schedule
MGCRBMedicare Geographic Classification Review Board
MHAMaster of Hospital Administration Master of Health Administration
MHSAMaster of Health Services Administration
MIMyocardial infarction; also Mitral insufficiency or Mental institution
MLPMid-level practitioner
MMAMedicare Modernization Act of 2003
MMRSMetropolitan medical response system
MOBMedical office building
MOMMilk of magnesia