5973 abbreviations
AATArt And Architecture Thesaurus
AAVSAmeritech Advanced Video Service
AAWWAsian American Writers Workshop
ABAfter Brady
ABAmerican Bandstand
ABBAssah Bow Boka
ABBAThe Art of Business; The Business of Art
ABCAccess Beauty And Character
ABCAlways Be Canceling my favorite shows
ABCAmerican Broadcasting Companies
ABCAssociated British Cinemas
ABCAudit Bureau Of Circulation
ABCAudit Bureau Of Circulations
ABCAustralian Broadcasting Company
ABCDAmerican Born Confused Desi
ABCDArt Books Comics And Disney
ABCDAudience Behavior Conditions And Degree
ABDAttack By Drawing
ABDRAsian Biotechnology and Development Review
ABESAssociation for Broadcast Engineering Standards
ABGAnscombe Broadcasting Group, LTD.
ABHAlien Bounty Hunter
ABHAthens Banner-Herald
ABIPAlternative Broadcast Inspection Program
ABMAuthor's Big Mistake
ABOFALA Bit Of Fry And Laurie
ABPCAmerican Book Prices Current
ABPCAssociated British Picture Corporation
ABRSAsian Businessman Readership Survey
ABSAmerican Behavioral Scientist magazine
ABSAssociation for Broadcast Standards
ABSAssociation on Broadcasting Standards
ABS-CBNAlto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network
ABSIEAmerican Broadcasting Station In Europe
ABUAsian-Pacific Broadcasting Union
ABVA Brilliant Venue
ACAction Center
ACAAnimated Cel Archive
ACAAssociation of Canadian Advertisers
ACBBAmerican Council for Better Broadcasts
ACBJAmerican City Business Journals, Inc.
ACCAuthor Created Character
ACCAutomatic Color Control
ACCTAd hoc Committee for Competitive Telecommunications
ACEAdvanced Computer Entertainment
ACEAmerican Cinema Editors
ACEAmerican Classic Edition