5973 abbreviations
ACEAssistant Community Editor
ACEAwards For Cablecasting Excellence
ACFCAngela Cartwright Fan Club
ACFFAmerican Conservation Film Festival
ACFFAnimal Crossing Fanitics Forum
ACFFAsian Children's Film Festival
ACFGAnimal Crossing Friends Gathering
ACFKAsociace Ceskych Filmovych Klubu
ACFWAmerican Christian Fiction Writers
ACGArmed Cute Girls
ACIPAsian Classics Input Project
ACJUAll Ceylon Jemmiyyathul Ulma
ACMPAssociation of Comics Magazine Publishers
ACNAdventist Channel Network
ACNAAtlantic Community Newspapers Association
ACPAcquisition Classification Publication
ACRBAssociation of Community Radio Broadcasters
ACRRAmerican Civil Rights Review magazine
ACRTFAssociation Canadienne de la Radio et de la Télévision de langue Française
ACSApproved Creditation Scheme
ACTAcademy of Children's Theater
ACTAction for Children's Television
ACTAlways Crackin Trannys
ACTAutomatic Channel Targeting
ACTFAloha Community Television Foundation
ACTFAustralian Childrens Television Foundation
ACTTAssociation of Cinematograph Television and allied Technicians
ACTVAdvanced Compatible Television
ACVAsian Cinema Vision
ACVLAssociation of Cinema and Video Laboratories
ACVTAustralian Centre for Visual Television
ACWGAustin Christian Writers' Guild
ACWIAir Combat Warfare International
ADAudio Disks
ADBAdvanced Digital Broadcasting
ADCAnalog to Digital Conversion
ADFattractive divorced female
ADIPAnother Day In Paradise (magazine)
ADMattractive divorced male
ADMAAsia Digital Marketing Association
ADPAudience Discussion Program
ADRAdditional Dialogue Recording
ADRAdditional Dialogue Replacement
ADRAudio Dialogue Replacement
ADRAutomatic Dialogue Replacement
ADTAccumulated Delay Transcription
ADVAuthors Definitive Version
ADWDA Dance With Dragons
AEAbstract Expressionism