5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AE Academic Edition
AE After the End
AE Alter Ego
AE Artifact Entertainment
AE Automatic Exposure
AEA Actors Equity Association
AEB Automatic Exposure Bracketing
AEEN African Economic Editors Network
AEN Adult Entertainment Network
AEN American Entertainment Network
AEN Asahi Evening News
AER The American Economic Review
AES Audio Engineering Society
AF Akedemi Fantasia
AF Automatic Focus
AFA Advertising Federation of America
AFC Americas Favourite Couple
AFCCE Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers
AFF Amorget Fan Fiction
AFF Arab Film Festival
AFHV Americas Funniest Home Videos
AFI A Fire Inside
AFI American Film Institution
AFI Australian Film Institute
AFKN American Forces Korea Network
AFM Action Figure Movies
AFM Adobe Font Metrics
AFM Aquarium Fish Magazine
AFMA American Film Marketing Association
AFN American Forces Network
AFN Armed Forces Network
AFP Agence France Presse
AFP American Free Press
AFP Associated Free Press
AFPF Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship
AFPF Association Française de Production de Films
AFPS American Forces Press Service
AFR American Family Radio
AFRTS American Forces Radio And Television Service
AFT Air Force Times
AFTA Academy of Film and Television Arts
AFTC Animal Filming Training Commission
AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
AFTS American Forces Television Services
AFV America's Funniest Videos
AFV Audio Follows Video
AG Adventure Guide
AG After Golgotha
AG Authors Guide
AGB Audits of Great Britain