5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AGL A Good Life
AGM Another Gobby Mike
AGMA American Guild of Musical Artists
AGP Artful Good Pictures
AGR Artist Go Round
AGVA American Guild of Variety Artists
AHA Authors Helping Authors
AHN African Heritage Network
AHR The American Historical Review
AI American Idol
AIA Annotate Illustrate And Apply
AIDA Attract Interest Desire Action
AIF Always Independent Films
AIL Alcohol Induced Literature
AIM Accuracy In Media
AIM America's Intercultural Magazine
AIO Adventures In Odyessy
AIR Asociacion Interamericana de Radiodifusion
AIRC Association of Independent Radio Contractors
AIS Animated Inbuilt Scenery
AIT African Independent Television
AIT Agency for Instructional Television
AITD Alone In The Dark
AITD Australian Institute of Training and Development
AIVF Association for Independent Video and Filmmakers
AJAC Automobile Journalists' Association of Canada
AJC American Juvenile Collection
AJC Atlanta Journal-Constitution
AJN Australian Jewish News
ALAS Alex Lovell Appreciation Society
ALCS Authors Licensing Collecting Society
ALF Alien Life Form
ALR American Legal Review
ALS Autograph Letter Signed
ALSC Association of Literary Scholars and Critics
AM All Music
AMA American Marketing Association
AMBER Americas Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
AMC All Monster Comics
AMC America's Movie Classics
AMC American Multi Cinema
AMG All Media Guide
AMIC Advertising Media Internet Community
AMIC Asian Media Information and Communication
AMIT A Man In Trouble
AMM American Mathematical Monthly
AMP All Media Pass
AMP Amiga Music Preservation
AMP Association of Media Producers
AMP Audio Media Productions