5973 abbreviations
AMPASAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AMPTPAlliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMSAlternative Movie Society
AMSAmerican Meteorological Society
AMVAmateur Music Video
AMVAnimated Music Video
AMWAmerica's Most Wanted
ANAAthens News Agency
ANASAlabama Newspaper Advertising Service
ANBArabic News Broadcast
ANCIAssociazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani
ANCLAssociated Newspapers of Ceylon, LTD.
ANDAround Night and Day
ANGAmerican Newspaper Guild
ANIAsia News International
ANPAAmerican Newspaper Publishers Association
ANSAAgenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata
ANTIOPEAcquisition Numérique et Télévisualisation d'Images Organisées en Page d'Ecriture ( teletext
AOCAmateurs On Camera
AODAngel Of Darkness
AODArt Of Defence
AODAudio On Demand
AOLAnother One Loves
AOLAudio Over Lan
AOPAdvance Online Publication
AORAdult Orientated Rock
AORAdult Oriented Rock
AORAlbum Oriented Rock
AOTLAll On The Line
AOTSAttack Of The Show
AOTWArt of the West
APAmerican Pie
APAnonymous Photographer
APArtist Proof
APAssociated Press
APAAmateur Press Association
APBIAssociated Press Broadcasters, Inc.
APBNNAssociated Press Broadcast News Handbook
APCAssociation for Progressive Communications
APDAssistant Program Director
APEAnimal Projects Editor
APGAdvanced Program Guide
APHCA Prairie Home Companion (Radio Program)
APIArticle Periodocal Incollection
APICAwareness, Publishing, Information, and Communication
APNSAll Pakistan Newspapers Society
APPAbsolute Power Productions