5973 abbreviations
APPAssociated Press of Pakistan
APRAlways Playing Roots
APRSAssociation of Professional Recording Services
APSAdvanced Photo System
APSAll Programs and Sounds
APTAngry Politician Television
APTKAssosiasi Pengusaha Televisi Kabel
APTSAssociation of Public Television Stations
AQAs Quoted
AQAutomated Quotations
AQRAlaska Quarterly Review
ARCAdvanced Readers Copy
ARCArt Response And Copy
ARDArbeitsgemeinschaft der Öffentlichrechtlichen Rundfunk anstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ARDPAgence Réunionnaise de Distribution de la Presse
ARFAdvertising Research Foundation
ARIAAutomated Response Interactive Audio
ARMSAll Radio Methodology Study
ARRLAmerican Radio Relay League
ARSAudience Response System
ARTAmerican Repertory Theatre
ARTArab Radio and Television
ARTSArtscene Radio Talk Show
ARUAcoustical Resistance Unit
ARWAAlberta Romance Writers Association
ASAPAct Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm (Horton Hears A Who Movie)
ASAPAfter Some Action Pause
ASAPAs Soon As Publishable
ASASAnother Side, Another Story
ASBAlexander, Sharpe, and Bailey Fundamentals of Investing
ASBOAlso Seen in Blue and Orange
ASCAmerican Satellite Company
ASCAmerican Society of Cinematographers
ASCEAssociation of Sound and Communication Engineers
ASFAdvanced Systems Format (formerly Advanced Streaming Format)
ASFFAesthetica Short Film Festival
ASFFArnold Sports Film Festival
ASHA Secret History
ASHAsh A Secret History
ASHESAnother Sad Horrific English Series
ASHPAmerican Social History Project
ASIArtistic Skin Illustrations
ASIFAAssociation Internationale du Film d'Animation
ASMPAmerican Society of Media Photographers
ASNEAmerican Society of Newspaper Editors
ASRAmerican Sociological Review
ASTA Short Tale