27185 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
A&D Aerospace and Defense
A/D active duty
A/DACG Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
A/DCG Arrival/Departure Control Group
A&DSL Administrative and Direct Support Logistics
A/E Aircraft Engineering
A/E Ammunition/Explosives
A/ETF Automated/Electronic Target Folder
A/L Administrative/Logistics
A/L Approach and Landing
A/L Approach/Landing
A/M Approach and Moor
A/MLCMC Aviation/ Missile Life Cycle Management Command
A/N AlphaNumeric
A/NM Administrative/Network Management
A&P Administrative and Personnel
A&P Analysis and Prediction
A&Q Alert and Que
A/S Anti-Spoofing
A0 FAAD C2I Workstation computer unit
A1C Airman First Class - USAF
A-2 Intelligence Staff section of United States Army Air Corps
A2 Algorithmic Architecture
A2 Anti-Armor
A2ATD Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstrator
A2C2 Army Airborne Command and Control
A2C2 Army Airspace Command and Control
A2C2S Army Airborne Command and Control System
A2I2K Army Airborne Intelligence 2000
A2S3 AFATDS Application Software Segment Specification
A-3 Air Force Operations Directorate
A3 Armor/ Anti-Armor
A3MP Armor/ Anti-Armor Master Plan
A-4 Air Force Logistics Directorate
A-5 Air Force Plans Directorate
AA Abbreviated Analysis
AA Accreditation Authority
AA Administrative Assistant
AA Adverse Action
AA Affordability Analysis
AA Air Ambulance
AA Air To Air
AA Algorithmic Architecture
AA Allied Affairs
AA Always Aground
AA Always Available
AA America's Army
AA Anchor Assembly
AA Anti Aircraft
AA Anti-Aircraft