27185 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AACG Arrival Airfield Control Group
AACL Attention Affect Check List
AACOB Army Automation Command Operating Budget
AACOMS Army Area Communications System
AACS Airborne Alternate Control Station
AACS Army Airways Communications System
AACSC Army Automation and Communications Steering Committee
AACT Air-to-Air Combat Test
AACTS Alpena Air Combat Training System
AACTS Automated All-weather Cargo Transfer System
AACUS Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System [USN]
AACV Armored Aircraft Carrying Vehicle
AAD Army Air Defense
AAD Assessment of Active Devices
AADC All Application Digital Computer
AADC Area Air Defense Commander
AADC2 Army Air Defense Command and Control
AADCCS Army Air Defense Command and Control System
AADCOM Army Air Defense Command
AADCP Army Air Defense Command Post
AADEOS Advanced Air Defense Electro Optical System
AADEOS Advanced Air Defense Electro- Optical Sensor
AADEOS Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optic System
AADI American Aerospace & Defense Industries
AADP Area Air Defense Plan
AADPS Algorithmic Architecture Data Processing Subsystem
AADS Aerial Assault Dedicated Servers
AADS Airborne Acoustic Detection System
AADS Amphibious Assault Direction System
AADS Army Aviation Decontamination Station
AADS Army Aviation Dehuminification System
AADSACS Army Air Defense Surveillance and Control System
AAE Army Acquisition Executive
AAE Artillery Accuracy Effectiveness
AAEC Aeromedical Evacuation Control Team
AAED Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAEN Active Army, Enlisted
AAEPCS Army Acquisition Executive Program Control Central System
AAESA Army Acquisition Executive Support Agency
AAESA Assessment Of Atmospheric Effects Of Stratospheric Aircraft
AAF Army Air Force
AAF Army AirField
AAF Auxiliary AirField
AAFA American Amphibious Force Association
AAFA Army Aviation Flight Activity
AAFARS Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
AAFC Australian Air Force Cadet
AAFCE All Allied Forces Central Europe
AAFCE Allied Air Forces, Central Europe
AAFI Audible Automatic Failure Indicator