27185 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
YP Yearly Plan
YP Yellow Pig
YPA Yearly Plan of Action
YPG Yuma Proving Grounds
YPQ-14 Culver prototype PQ-14A aerial target
YPT-16 Ryan prototype PT-16 trainer aircraft
YPT-9 Stearman prototype PT-9 Cloudboy trainer aircraft
YPZ Productivity Zones delineated from Yield map data
YQM-94A Boeing prototype high-altitude, long-range, remotely piloted vehicle
YR Yamato Rise
YRB-49 Northrop prototype RB-49 reconnaissance aircraft
YRF-84F Republic prototype RF-84F FICON reconnaissance fighter
YRO Year- Round Operations
YS Young Slacker
YSC Yearly Spares Cost
YSG Young Soldier Gang
YTB Yearly Training Brief
YTG Yearly Training Guidance
YTTP You Take The Point
YW Young Warriors
YY Two-digit year date
YY Ying Yang
YYYY Four-digit year date
Z Aircraft Symbol prefix ? Planning
Z Flash Precedence
Z Zimmerman
Z Zulu time
Z/F zone of fire
ZA Zapadnaya Armiya
ZA Zone Alarm
ZAF Zambia Airforce
ZAP Zimbabwean Anti Personnel
ZB Zero- Base
ZBB Zero-Base Budgeting
ZBM Zero Ballistic Missiles
ZBMR Zero Ballistic Missile Regime
ZC Zone Control
ZCA Zinc Corporation of America
ZCA Zone Control Alarm
ZEUS Zero Energy Uranium System
ZF Zero Funds
ZF Zone of Fire
ZGD Zhongguo GongchanDang (Communist Party of China)
ZH Zero Hour
ZHQ Zone HeadQuarters
ZI Zero Incident
ZI Zone Intercept
ZI Zone of Interior
ZIF Zero Incident Frequency
ZIS Zavod Imeni Stalina