27185 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAL Additional Authorization List
AAL Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer
AAL Authorized Allowance List
AALC Advanced Airdrop for Land Combat
AALOC Active Army Location
AALPS Automated Air Load Planning System
AALS Acoustic Artillery Location System
AAM Adopt A Minefield
AAM Air To Air Missile
AAM Air-To-Air Missile
AAM Amphibious Assault Model
AAM Anti Aircraft Missle
AAM Army Achievement Medal
AAMA Aircraft And Missile Armament
AAMA Area Airspace Management Authority
AAMAP Army Automation Master Plan
AAMDC US Army Air and Missile Defense Command
AAMH Annual Maintenance Manhours
AAMMM Anti- (Anti-Missile Missile) Missile
AAMMP Active Army Military Management Program
AAMMP Active Army Military Manpower Program
AAMMP Anti-Armor Munitions Master Plan
AAMMS Army Automated Multimedia System
AAMP Advanced Aircraft Maneuvering Program
AAMP Army Aviation Modernization Plan
AAMPM Annual Available MOS Productive Man-hours
AAMPS Anti Army Master Plan Studies
AAMRO Army Air Movement Requirements Office
AAMS Air-to-Air Missile System
AAMS Airport Airside Management System
AAMSL Anti-Aircraft MiSsiLe
AAMSU Army Air Movement Support Unit
AAMWD Air-to-Air MEP/ Weapon Integration Demonstration
AAO Against All Odds
AAO Army Acquisition Objective
AAO Authorized Acquisition Objective
AAOC Anti Aircraft Operations Center
AAOC Arm Arterial Occlusion Cuffs
AAOE Arrival and Assembly Operations Element
AAOF Active Army, Officer
AAOF Army Aviation Operations Facility
AAOG Arrival and Assembly Operations Group
AAP Affirmative Action Plan
AAP Allied Administrative Publication
AAP Army Ammunition Plant
AAP Army Apprenticeship Program
AAP Army Automation Program
AAP Assign Alternate Parent
AAP Autonomous Airborne Platform
AAPBG Army Automation Program Budget Guidance