27185 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAPC Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier
AAPI Aircraft Accident Prevention And Investigation
AAPI Attack Assessment Predicted Impact
AAPMH Annual Available Productive Man Hours
AAPP Affirmative Action Program Plans
AAPPES Army Automation Planning, Programming, and Evaluation System
AAPR Army Aviation Program Review
AAPRSO Army Aviation Personnel Requirements for Sustained Operations
AAPU Australian Army Photographs Unit
AAR After Action Report
AAR Air To Air Refueling
AAR All American Rejects
AARA Air-to-Air Refueling Area
AARC Anderson U.S. Army Reserve Center, Troy, Alabama
AARD Advanced Automotive Recovery Department
AARDAC Army Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS
AARL Army Aeromedical Research Lab
AARL Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
AARS Advanced Aerial Radiac System
AARS Advanced Airborne Radar System
AARS Advanced Airborne Radiac System
AART Assessment and Recovery Team
AARTS Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service
AAS Alert Area Supervisor
AAS Army Apprentices School
AASA Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASA America's Army Server Administrators
AASAM Active Army Seasonalized Accession Model
AASDA Anti-Armor Systems DetectAbility
AASF Advanced Air Striking Force
AASF Army Area Signal Center
AASF Army Aviation Support Facility
AASG Amphibious Afloat Support Group
AASLT Air Assault
AASM Advanced Air-to- Surface Missile
AASM Armement Air-Sol Modulaire
AASM Australian Active Service Medal
AASP Army Automation Security Program
AASPR Army Aviation System Program Review
AASR Advanced Airborne Surveillance Radar
AAST Army Aerial Scout Test
AAT Advanced Armament Technology
AAT America's Army Training
AAT Automatic Analog Test
AAT Automatic Analog Tester
AAT Aviation Advisory Team
AAT Aviation Applied Technology
AATCC Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center
AATD Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
AAU American Assault Units